If the boy, Sylvester, whose life was cut short no thanks to juvenile cultism, actually survived.

I am very sure his Parent would have noticed strange behavior of the deceased and chose to see it as growing up, Teenage thing .If the boy were to be alive he would have been tagged as a survivor and not a victim.

Now he’s gone he remains a victim because the necessary interventions were not administered due to protecting the school and family name.

It isn’t about just shutting the school, the supervising Agency on education are not on top of their game.

Also the issue of this nature shows a failed parenting system, if one digs deep the Perpetrators of this crime are over pampered Children who see life as nothing.Until we decide and put a stop to such evil practice and stop been hypocritical with after thought response all the time.We spoke about the Federal Ministry of Education S.A.F.E Space in Nigeria Schools barely a Month ago. Unfortunately there’s a propaganda of Some individual who explored this lope hole rather target the general population ,they target high brow schools with the wrong content of implementation.Am aware some missionary School have made it compulsory for both parents and their children to sign the Anti-Bullying and social vices form . Which is the right thing in the right direction.However Lagos State Government must ensure the Perpetrators are duly tried in the juvenile court, We hold them accountable for their slogan PROTECT THE SURVIVORS AND THE SHAME THE ABUSER

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