I got this from my kids school and believe all schools should have such guidelines.In addition to this there should be laws against bullying poster around the school to serve as Cosby’s

Dear Parents/Guardians.
(1) Please encourage your child to speak out in school,if he is having issues with abuse, bullying and missing/stolen property.
(2) Students are expected to report issues immediately in the school and not to wait until they get home.
(3) Reporting issues immediately in school, will help for a proper investigation and swift intervention by the school management.
(4) The avenues to report cases are as follows.
(a)The class teachers.
(b)The Yeartutors.
(c)The school Counselors.
(d)Any Member of the Management team.
(e)Any Member of Staff in the vicinity where the incident took place.
(f) The suggestion box, placed in front of the Assistant Administrator’s office.
(5)Every Child should be encouraged to speak out🗣️and not to surfer in silence 🤐.
(6)As a school we have a strict anti- bullying policy.
(7) The school has a zero tolerance for examination malpractice.
(8) Some students will be going on suspension for bullying and other offences.

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